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Our company / our philosophy

MDP have 20 years of experience in modern IT systems, particularly in technically oriented and database-controlled business applications. Our focus is on system-related development, tool development, as well as the conception and design of complex software architectures.

Our clients

Our clients include banks, insurance companies, public services, and international concerns as well as small to medium-sized enterprises with leading positions in technically competitive international markets. This defines the objectives. Our clients demand easy-to-use, stable solutions for daily use, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. We develop powerful tools, secure services, and effective interfaces – for any kind of application. Enterprise critical projects or project modules are a regular part of our work. Our goal is to create straightforward solutions that meet the highest quality standards.

Our methods

Extensive project implementations require the use of software engineering methods, i.e. exact planning and qualified processing. In this context we often work on the basis of domain-specific language development. The result is increased reusability, shorter project timeframes, and reduced costs over the complete lifecycle.

Mature IT landscapes require precise interface work combined with a clear view of the complete system. As specialists for middleware and tool development in heterogeneous environments we have the broad background and experience to handle such projects. With our help you can achieve your special objectives while concentrating on your own field of work.

Whenever possible, we make use of open standards and sources – for easy integration and optimum, cost-effective solutions. This is based on the latest technologies, particularly from the field of Linux. MDP see themselves as part of the free und open source community. Modern software development requires free access to sources and documentation and the cooperation of a worldwide development community to achieve the best possible solution.

We care about your success!

The main benefit with this kind of software development is achieved by the customer. Independence from the software manufacturer and the contractor guarantees investment security and forward direction. This makes the complete infrastructure around each individual solution more transparent and open to the customer.

Another point that is especially important for your success: We enjoy our work – with background, experience, and new challenges.

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