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Products and services

MDP develop and implement tools, components, or complete solutions for competitive systems and easy-maintenance applications. We have wide-ranging experience particularly in the field of middleware, in the Linux/Unix environment, and in the development of interfaces and compilers. All the major platforms, systems, languages, and databases are represented in our projects and products.

We provide competent advice and active support during the entire course of a project, focused on the development of purposeful, high-quality solutions. Our services in detail:

IT consulting

Starting at a very early stage we can help you specify the course and the technical foundations of your project. We can provide

IT development

We can implement technologically competitive software components for you. Our main areas of expertise are

IT tool development

Especially with large-scale systems, the use of generative programming can lead to a considerable reduction in total costs. Wherever possible we try to introduce effective techniques such as application generation and subject-specific language development.

IT training and seminars

We ensure the successful transfer of know-how regarding the technologies we introduce, integrate, or develop in the context of our IT projects.

IT sources and standards

When developing modern software systems, it is essential to comply with recognized standards and integrate open source and free software technologies. MDP have been following the developments in this area for years and include these points as a fundamental part of their consulting portfolio.

Please also check our references for all these areas.